The Glenwood boiler meets today’s need for a high efficiency multi-fuel boiler.  With its baffled interior and secondary combustion chamber, the wood or coal gases are forced to be thoroughly burned, generating more heat form less fuel and ultimately saving you money.  Loaded with features, the Glenwood comes to you with over thirty years of proven service and thousands of satisfied users.

Use the Glenwood boiler as an “add on” to your existing heating system or as your primary heater and potentially ELIMATE YOUR HEATING BILL!


  1. Pressure relief valve
  2. Temperature/pressure gauge
  3. High limit safety control
  4. Electronic draft and burner controls
  5. Smoke bypass keeps smoke out of your building while tending the fire
  6. Inspection opening allows monitoring of the fire without opening any doors
  7. Thermostatically controlled draft blower adds in complete fuel combustion
  8. Automatic draft box controls combustion air
  9. Water-lined firebox provides maximum heat transfer
  10. Optional insulation panels minimize heat loss
  11. Removable access panel (insulated models)
  12. Individually adjustable legs
  13. Water-lined combustion chamber provides rapid heat exchange while isolating the oil burner from the contaminates emitted by the wood fire. *
  14. Optional domestic coil for an endless supply of hot water
  15. Low maintenance fin-type secondary heat exchanger provides highly efficient heat transfer. Insulated heat exchanger access door for easy servicing
  16. Large, insulated firebox door
  17. Shaking grate allows you to burn the fuel of your choice (optional). External shaker lever allows gridding with doors closed, keeping the dust inside the stove**
  18. High efficiency Beckett oil burner (optional)
  19. Ash pan for convenient ash removal

*Standard with oil back-up

**With optional grate

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